Montelukast Repurposed

Montelukast Repurposed


Discovering the new uses for the anti-inflammatory drug Montelukast

New uses for Montelukast 

This site is about the anti-inflammatory asthma drug montelukast (brand name Singulair) and about its other benefits for treating many age related conditions. It points to research and information about treating those other medical conditions.

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I am a American living in Ghana, 76 years old and retired from the US Department of Veterans Affairs, where I worked in accounting and finance. In early 2015, I started experiencing extreme mental fatigue and had difficulty concentrating on various tasks. My doctor thought it was possible early stage Alzheimer (my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer in her early 70's) even though my memory and problem solving abilities were not affected. 

In February 2016, after reading about Dr Ludwig Aigner's research in Austria on this drug as a treatment for Alzheimer, I started taking montelukast 10 mg twice a day. Within a week, my extreme mental fatigue disappeared and I was completely back to normal. I am now taking 10 mg three times a day. I have had no bad side effects and I also sleep much more soundly. 

An additional benefit was that the enlarged prostate problem I had been experiencing disappeared after about a month. Montelukast worked, whereas the prostate drugs I was taking before didn't work. This showed me that montelukast in multiple doses throughout the day can be used to treat many age related chronic inflammatory conditions. One 10 mg tablet per day as prescribed for asthma won't be effective.

I am lucky that I live in a country where montelukast can be bought without a prescription. If I were still living in the US, I could not have been able to get a prescription for multiple tablets a day, and would have never known of its benefits. I am very lucky.

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